Healing over the phone seems remarkable and miraculous, but when your super-bio-computer of a body/mind/spirit receives the right energetic information and frequency, it corrects itself and releases any distortions that are compromising the body’s internal and external communication.

Ideally, an hour session garners the best results! It is a kind of magic carpet ride which begins with my listening to and feeling how you might be experiencing your issue or issues, and what your needs and requests are. My goal is to, essentially, delete the negative charge at the root of it all. It’s a “Princess and the Pea” kind of analogy. It may look like a sleeping problem, but the real issue is the irritant ten mattresses down. Symptoms are rarely the problem or real issue. The approach of holistic medicine is to cut through the mere symptoms. If it was more obvious, one might have already solved the issue. It requires a kind of spiritual jiu jitsu to uncover the real causality.

Often, pain reduces and disappears during a session, as does the confusion and negative charge. A surge of well-being and neutral positive feeling is often the immediate result, and the client can then make any necessary transitions, or resolve a difficult situation on any level. The mind/body connection is powerful as thoughts, feelings, and emotions become biological molecules called neuro-peptides. Resolved issues of mind and heart have the direct effect of improved physical health.