My experience is that everything is music, whether it’s the sound of the wind, or the rhythm of your heart, and the vibrating flow of organic life! This awareness is the basis of my creative musical expression as well. All sixty or so of the compositions I have released for public consumption have a healing intention, as that is my professional expertise. Some pieces are more upbeat and could qualify as pop music, but often listeners have an interior “frequency” experience that is hard to describe not normally found in most pop music. In Sanskrit, it might be described as “chaitanya” or “consciously enlivened with Shakti,” or, in English, “Living Word” intentioned and vibrating with meditative energy.

All the music is original except Amazing Grace (played on sitar!). They are listed by date of most recent release from Dreamtime Continuum Records (all recorded and engineered by Steve Miles in Santa Barbara, CA, and mastered at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood by Reuben Cohen – except the two CDs from 1998 which he will be re-mastering soon) available on